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The soy milk making process, including grinding, boiling, and filtering, is automatically controlled by a microprocessor. As a result, the SoyaJoy is very easy to use. Basically, all you need to do is add presoaked soybeans, plug in the power cord, and press the START button. The machine has been improved to a point of almost fool-proof, a 5-minutes reading of the user manual is all it takes. Watching a half-hour DVD instruction is no longer necessary.


Size - 7.4" x 9.2" x 13.6" 
Weight - 6.5 lbs.
Capacity - 1.5 liters (0.4 gallons)
Stainless steel construction
Permanent stainless steel filter 

Cycle time - 15 minutes 
Max power - 800 W 
Available in 110 V, 60 Hz and 220-240V, 50 Hz
UL listed

  • Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled.
  • Stainless steel construction of all parts in contact with soy milk    
  • Temperature sensor for temperature-controlled grinding to minimize "beany" flavor; no preheating is necessary!
  • Also makes almond milk, rice milk, and other milks.
  • Makes 1.5 liter (50 oz) - more than six 8-ounce glasses. 

SoyaJoy is the original soy milk maker, with millions sold. It has won all head-to-head tests conducted by independent experts. The SoyaJoy is our latest model with UL approval, improved shaft seal, coated circuit board, and of course serial number for each machine for quality tracking purposes. Our years of experience have brought many subtle but important improvements so that SoyaJoy stays ahead of the competition.  Always look for verifiable independent reviews and customer testimonials.  Simply click HERE to read the unsolicited email so many customers have written to us about their own experiences with the SoyaJoy; you will be convinced beyond any doubt that getting a SoyaJoy is the right choice with zero risk.

See how it works - Check out  pictures from links at the end of this page to understand how it works.

The SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker works like a combination home blender and automatic coffee maker. Properly soaked soybeans are placed into the filter cup. Soaked soybeans makes much better soy milk than dry soybeans (click here to read why)! The soaked soybeans are ground into a fine mash by the blender blades within the filter. The soy milk is filtered into the all-stainless steel container. The residue, which is known as "okara," is left in the filter. Both the soy milk and the okara are fully cooked. The whole process is controlled by two sensors and a microprocessor, making the machine fully automated. Just add the correct proportions of water and presoaked soybeans, and press one button. Your soy milk can be used directly as a hot or cold drink or in other recipes. The okara, rich in natural fiber, can be used "as is" or stored frozen for use in many recipes.

Once the soybeans and water are added and the START button is depressed, the SoyaJoy will first heat the water to 170 F - the best temperature at which to grind soybeans for a less "beany" taste and higher milk yield. It will then grind the soybeans four times. After the soybeans are ground, the machine will continue to heat the soy milk and okara to the correct boiling temperature. It will boil several times to make sure the soy milk is fully cooked. The machine has a smart sensor to make sure the soy milk will not overflow the container during the boiling process. Whenever the soy milk threatens to boil over, the SoyaJoy will stop heating. It pauses for a moment and then resumes heating when the foam lowers. It repeats this cycle until the soy milk is fully cooked.

The SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker has been rated best by professionals and consumers alike. 

If you have ever made soy milk manually, you know how time-consuming it is to filter and heat. You had to use low heat because high heat would burn the soy milk. You watched the pot while the soy milk was heating on the stove top but it seemed that it would  never reach the boiling point. And of course, as soon as you looked away for a split second, the soy milk would boil all over the stove top. Filtering the soy milk with cheese cloth is no fun either - it takes so many pans and pots and so much hand-squeezing! Well, this machine completely automates the whole process. It takes only 15 minutes to make six glasses of great-tasting soy milk.

Click below to see pictures of the machine.
1. Marie shows off her SoyaJoy.
2. A larger picture of the machine
3. An illustration of the machine's construction 
4. The machine head and the cylinder
5. The stainless steel filter cup
5. Inside the high-quality, seamless stainless steel container 
7. Removing or attaching the filter cup from/to the machine
8. Full view of the machine head
9. Close-up of the machine head
10. Cover page of the Owner's Manual


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